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0. Swap Contacts

1.  photographer "First Date"

2. Lock it down

3. Engagement Session

4. Show & Tell

5. The Big Day

6. Memories

For Couples

So you're getting married!? Fantastic!!  I'm excited for you! Somebody put a ring on it!

Our goal at Islandfield studios is to ease your wedding planning and maximize your celebrating! We're an emerging boutique studio serving the greater Orange County area.

We're proud to support fun loving couples from all walks of life. Love is love!

The Islandfield Wedding Experience is designed just the way I would want my wedding day to go; easy, stress-free, and a lot of fun!


Swapping Contacts

"Can I get your number?"

It's probably been a while since you've heard that! If you're already resonating with our images, send us a message! Even if it's as simple as "hi there!" we'd love to hear from you.

Once we've made contact, we'll send you an email with our welcome package that includes more information about our process and products!

I'm also active on Instagram, so if that works better than email, we can also communicate there!


"First Date"

Once we've swapped contact info, the first thing we'll do is set a time to chat!

I love to meet my couples in person. Once we've exchanged contact information, the first thing we'll do is arrange a meetup complete with information, and snacks!

We'll go over your dream wedding day, and tailor our products to your love story!

Of course, life is busy, and if an in-person meetup isn't possible, we're also able to do "first dates" over video chat instead!

The Big Day!

Our goal, first and foremost, is to make sure you and your sweetheart enjoy your wedding day to the max!

We'll meet up with you in the morning for some preparation photos, and follow you throughout the day for first look, ceremony, couples' session, reception, night shots, and plenty of dancing!

We do our absolute best to capture those beautiful fleeting emotions that are everywhere on the big day. We also work hard so you have plenty of time to spend with friends and family!



After the champagne is drained and the big day is over, we meet up one last time. We present you with all your captured memories, then work with you to create an heirloom album to preserve the cherished moments from your wedding day.

I still remember finding my parents' wedding album as a child. I spent hours pouring over it, savoring the slice of time it captured. We hope you rediscover your album every anniversary, and revisit the beginning of your journey as a family.


We're honored you're considering us to capture your wedding day, and promise nothing but our absolute best!



Say Hi!

Lock it Down!

Once we get a copy of your signed Islandfield contract, that date is officially yours!

Since there are only so many weekends in a year, certain days of the years are in high demand! Because of this, we recommend signing your contract ASAP, to lock down your special day!


Show & Tell

First, we show off all your engagement session images, then you tell us which ones are your favorites! You'll receive a fully edited digital gallery of beautiful photos, ready to be downloaded! That way you'll have pictures to use for your wedding website, invitations, or fine art prints to display at your wedding.

On top of that, we offer consulting to create a custom signature book for your guests to sign on the day of!



Engagement sessions are so much fun! We get to take gorgeous fine art level photos without having to worry about the usual restrictions of a wedding day!

We get to play with location! Do you want a romantic beach getaway? An ethereal photo session in the forest? A high fashion photoshoot in Downtown LA? Or maybe an intimate shoot in your own space? There are no bad options, so let your creativity run wild!

In order to get the best possible images, I ask my couples to create a moodboard to demonstrate what sort of images they like! Pinterest is your best friend here!

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